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Ban the word Dab


Read title.

Anything with the word “Dab” in it should be banned instantly. I was a merc who was contracted to someone called Sir Dabalot once. I wanted to kill him so badly.

Just ban anything with Dab in it. okay, nobody likes memes unironically, especially shitty ones.

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is this in response to bob?


could be. but ehh, It needs to happen anyway.

Bos would do it, he banned Pickle Rick when I asked if he could.


That was a great idea, this is a great idea, /fullsupport


@Bob :thinking:




why, dooku?
you’ve doomed us all!


I hate that word. It’s almost as annoying as kappa.

I feel like an old man now, hating on current trends, but man … at least it’s better than YOLO. That was the worst.


what about yaas?
that was/is pretty terrible


In 6th grade, the word of the year was “Booshy” lol. I think that evolved into “Douchey”. Someone needs to write a thesis paper about the origins of stupid words (although words involving douche are my favorite “soft” insults. “What a douchebox” [leveled up from douchebag]).


now im imagining a guy acting douche-y, when suddenly there’s a bright light and a voice says “Level up, douchebox


Substitutions for swear words always amuse me for some reason.

I’m surprised Disney doesn’t do it just to wink at us.


Then again they did cut off Moana saying son of a bitch.



I started out on the Internet early so I instantly have a preference for old good may-mays, liek i can haz cheezburgers? And le rage comics, so funny and lol and gives me lots of rage!

I don’t like them as much. #diccouttoharambe BTW he’s so daddy.
My dislike for current meme culture can be summed down to my frustration when my PRO fidget spinner dab trick failed and I need some milk.
Also anyone know where the lamb sauce is?
uNdERstAnDabLe, HaVe a nICe dAY.


Luxx, what are you on right now? :thinking:
high luxx


Dooku, you should know, the only way to get bad memes out of your system is to overuse them until they can stay there no longer


Don’t worry blade. The “trend” died 2 years ago.

I hate it as much as you and foreheavens sake. I’m around the age of the “demographic” of these casuals who still dab.

Feeling old is much better than being a manchild.



old memes are shitty too. I can list many crappy old memes that I hate (although there are only three here):

  • Doge
  • Trollface
  • 1337

these three are also “memes” that have no value of entertainment.

I’m not a nostalgia idiot. If I was. I would still be playing Town of Salami as that isn’t new and was first.
I just tend to dislike stuff that has stayed around much longer than it should have.

This thread was partially a joke and I’m 99.9% sure that reply was a joke too. fuck, I shouldn’t have responded with an entire essay


The difference in meme preferences and age is incredibly high.
There’s only a 2 year gap between me and my classmates, and they’re obsessed with Pickle Rick and dabbing and whatever the fuq kids like these days.

I feel so old when they start referencing memes.


Oh my sweet sweet summer child… I remember the birth of Doge. Never liked it.
And 1337 isn’t really a meme, it’s a language.

OK but trollface is good shit :ok_hand:

One of my favorites is overly obsessed girlfriend. I remember it’s birth too. So many great memes, lost to the ages…
Le sad… :pensive: