Ballot Mixing not working

What happened?

I was playing as Pretender, and used mixing ballots twice on starting blue dragon king (once on day 2, and once on day 3), however the king’s vote was not reversed (despite me getting a message saying that the king’s vote was reversed both times). In one case I used the ability during the trial right before they cast the vote, and in one case right after they cast the vote, but in both cases, the vote was unaffected.

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

The king’s vote was supposed to be reversed when I used ballot mixing.

Steps to reproduce:

Play as a pretender, and try to reverse starting blue dragon king’s vote using ballot mixing.


This happened after the latest patch (v 2.3), never seen this problem before the king rework. Obviously I cannot certify for sure that the king voted the way they said they did, but they were very vehement that their votes hadn’t been reversed (both in their logs and while alive), did announce what they were voting, and the votes they were making made sense.

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  2. I encountered the same bug, it’s because of the latest patch.