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Balance suggestion


Fool currently has a two day trial stopper when getting lynched on d2/d3


Not on n1 lul

Punish EK for acting extremely scummy early and being able to survive for no good reason.

Auto-Exeing knight claims is mostly due to allies and BD playing bad. It’s rewarded by BD losing a lot more often if they just yolo it.


That’s what lynching is for


Kings night Ability should be a day Ability, removing Finger and replacing it as a Passive.

Bassically king could select two players and they’d go to a special meeting room for that night, unless one was jailed, if evil maybe they could get a evil tab or something to talk to there evil buddies.


There needs to be workarounds, because now that there is an EK that BD have no way of getting rid of, they need more resources (one more round of lynching) than in a GK game. This is obvious of course, but in many cases that extra lynch just decides the game, especially if he is outnumbered 1 EK 3 BD 1 scum, if scum is a converter and the EK has a DF pardon, they have a forced win sometimes


idk if you noticed. But unlike in FoL, in ToL most of the time D2 is a nolynch for one reason or another. Thus that could instead be an EK lynch. Past that Butler poison is active so it resolves like it does now.


I think expecting people to deduce an EK solely on reads d2 is quite unreasonable


Then why expect a butler’s D2 poison to be anything other than a yolo?


King has a killer check on allies and doesn’t try to up it with finger
It’s surprisingly common


Why would you know if that happened?

Also I would consider the other way around (upping the Killer check immediately) to be far more sus


Best part about EK is if you find non allies you can continue to push them because GK cant bypass frames, making it even more plausible that you are GK

this isn’t related discussion though, back to the matter at hand

I don’t really, sure you’ll get people who say they can already tell that it is EK on D2, but for every genuinely good scumreader there are at least two that are just confbiased. I think about your criteria about how there isn’t usually a lynch D2

How about making it so butler can poison after the first trial execution lynch of the game?


Just keep it as d3 like it is now


It’s d4 atm.


Thanks, but I don’t see why it should be removed. Fool is balanced. Only remove 1 day if the removal of 1 use affects everyone who did not vote to pardon.

The Prince can actually have some information on N1. Not always enough to kill, but enough to deduce a player’s class.

True but a small buff wouldn’t be too much to ask. Maybe armored could be changed to a general immunity or a new passive could be added:
Taunt- if you are attacked at night then you will be the only one affected by the Attack.


Butler posion should be removed lel




Yes it’s a horrible mechanic