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Balance suggestion


I’ve only heard of Bulletproof, night immune (no Kill in the name) and death immune


Night immune is just shortened night kill immune :stuck_out_tongue:




That would make it especially good in unseen games, and situational at best in others. Drunk can debauch a player who is suspected MM and Hunter could kill MM through immunity. This is more reliable than the old HH + CS combo since both Drunk and Hunter are very easily confirmed.

So I’d say it wouldn’t be a good change


More importantly it would be an omniscient killer


If it was useless to regular players it wouldn’t be omniscient (?)

May be wrong since eh mafia terms


It would be.

Omniscient means it cannot backfire.


Basically if a roleblocker can’t roleblock town or a doc can’t heal maf or something.

You never want an omniscient vig


Technically some counterattack ability’s are omniscient or close to it. However the important part is that they have a condition of similar difficulty to finding scum (as opposed to guessing scum randomly) and can’t be used to confirm players


Old CS was omniscient


Little birds was added to stop the wkm we dont need that meta back also the sounds you mentioned are bugs


now it won’t be an MM Vs knight showdown 1v1


Which would cause a draw


exactly why I reworded the ability


Wait nvm missread


Don’t think you realize how strong this is and what dark forces you are messing with rn


I come from mafia scum and other sites where what you all call neutral killer is called serial killer and NK = night kill

Whenever I type I have to translate


Don’t think you realize how strong this is and what dark forces you are messing with rn

I know its strong, and might require a few balance changes after that, but it will make us think MUCH more.


Yes but only if the old hidden occupation immunity is brought back.

Thia should be renamed to Disguise since it’s more original and you should avoid changing the names of the same ability when possible. And this would be a bit OP for a day ability. I do like the concept though, and I agree that the unseen should have their own equivalent of Disguise.

It doesn’t need to be completely removed, just changed so that either only whispers from the Mystic are hidden or only whispers to and from a chosen player are hidden

This isn’t needed. I agree that Knight needs something to discourage auto-executes, but there are enough unconvertables already.



Support, I don’t see how this hasn’t been added already

Can you explain this a bit more? What would be removed?

Support, but it should also bypass occupation immunity for consistency.

IMO prince should just be able to execute any time. Unlike other BD killers the Prince can gain reliable info early on.


That is the opposite of consistency.