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Balance suggestion


Mastermind- Remove bleeding immunity
Remove little birds-
Add: dayframe (2 use): Player will appear as chosen class if executed

Mystic- Remove private matters.

Knight- add a passive ability: can’t be converted while using cs.

Butler- can poison king since day 2

King- allies remove-
add- council: talk with 3 players at night (2 use)
at the start of the day, the game will show the town which players were in the council

noble- twin will no longer show at the trial result, but it will effect the trial result.

fool- exing a fool will always result 1 day without trials.

Hunters mark- will be able to kill death immune players

prince- will be able to execute n2

Remove sound while using day ability (butler poison, cw clear mind)
trials limit will be 3.

make this game more about social deduction. MM dayframe can help him to fake his and his unseen claims. it also make other invest classes far less confirmable.
MM frame can make the game more about deduction and less about luck. it might increase unseen win rate too much and might need balance, but it will take the game at the right direction.


The proper phrasing would be ‘make a player appear as the chosen class to investigative abilities.’


OOOOOOOH. This is actually cool as fuck.
Just make it so that the players will not know who was in the council. That’s unnecessary.

I don’t think it’s necessary to remove them since the king would now have a way to communicate.

A little strong as it can kill NKs.


Agreed if this isnt a thing already

I think it def needs a rework, not a complete removal however. Maybe something like only the first 3/4 messages sent/received will be private?

This makes yolo csing even more optimal

Think how many GKs die to the yolo poison, this will make it have more of an effect

3 players is too much, and wont actually resolve to do anything as people can choose not to give infomation as "you could be evil/players here could be evil

:clap: this is great, or even have it only show if it affected the trial so it still retains a confirmability aspect in unique situations

If you mean make fool less punishing early on, seems fine, but fool generally has incentive to get exed early on anyway

Knight should be reworked too if this is to be implemented. I disagree with this change due to it giving BD too much KP

Does this disguise a player or frame a player? I cant really tell
Removing little birds just makes “whisper metas” a lot more viable


I agree 100%. Private matters has to go. It’s way too meta, way too confirmable. It rivals the old alch truth potions.


Nah just yeet it entirely.
It’s an ability that is fundamentally not going to work.

Don’t balance around bad players :clap:


I’ve changed the wording to be like the scorned disguise


I really would need to see how that would work in action.
As a day scorned disguise it may be too consistently powerful so that you could fake a redcheck in the moment and have ‘mechanical info’ that backs it up.

Food for thought, but it’s interesting to say the least.


Maybe it should be allowed to use only for the first 10 seconds of the day.


Neighborizer king is incredibly strong.
People can also choose not to talk at all ever, which just is a horrible idea.


Maybe make foresight a day ability that outputs results at the end of the night and make this a night ability.


You really can’t just remove little bird without giving another solution to the WKM issue. Remember that little bird is the reason why we don’t have it in the first place right now.


What if the hunters mark could only kill NK immune players but was useless to regular players?


Pretty sure no one is specifically immune to the NK


He’s saying night kill (NK)


it’s called death immunity and there is a difference.


I’ve literally never heard of anyone using the term like that


I’m interpreting what Math was saying


Doesn’t stop me from complaining about it


Bulletproof and Night Kill Immune (shortened to NK immune) are the most common terms for it in mafia