Balance Patch Suggestions

The Sorcerer
Suggestion - Will now be able to place and move bombs in the same day.

This change is pretty simple and more quality of life than anything. It just feels so bad if you ever have to move the bomb that it’s just not worth it as you could just place another walking bomb instead. This change just allows the sorcerer to control who she bombs more.

The Fool/Scorned
Suggestion-Frame will now give you a choice as to what you want to appear as(K/O in unseen games or if you’re trying to pass off as NK, S/I in cult games or to contradict your claim).

This just gives fool/scorned a little more to think about as they can make themselves/other people appear suspicious in a way that makes it more subtle.

Cult Changes
Cult Leader-Will now only consume eradicates upon success
Sacrifice-The charges and benefits come at the end of the day.
Ritualist-Will of Mithras-If you are sacrificed, the next 2 eradicates are frenzied
Apostle-Will of Mithras-If you are sacrificed, a cult member(of your choice) will receive a one time use of decide fate that gets passed on(to a player of their choice)
Replaced Court Spy with Disguise-If target player dies tonight they will appear as chosen class. (Exactly like Herbalist’s defile)-2 uses

Seeker-Will of Mithras-If you are sacrificed, the cult will come up as NS for 2 days.
Invoker-Will of Mithras-If you are sacrificed, the cult will secretly be occupy/redirect immune for 2 nights(Butlers will think they occupied the cult member but they wouldn’t get occupied.

These changes are intended for 2 things. A. Stop the cult from running out of eradicates if there’s a butler in-game and B. Give HUGE incentive to use the god damn sacrifice ability.
Apostle’s change is so that they could try and disguise their cult members as BD so that they wouldn’t know what benefit the cult got. It can also be used in other more interesting ways which I think really taps into the social aspect of Apostle.

Maid-Change Nosy Servants to-You will see who target player visited the previous night(3 uses)

This change makes Nosy Servants slightly less useless, but still pretty useless.

Handmaiden-Changed Analyze to-Test 2 players if they are compatible find out their classes.

The current analyze feels useless. This at least allows you to still fake claim Maid with some amazing information gathering potential.

Edit Log
1-Added reason for apostle change
2-Restructured the cult changes box

Hard no. Apostle should be able to fake Noble fairly reliably. Twin is bad enough, we don’t need 2 different Noble confirm buttons.

No. Abilities like these are why Observer is rarely faked. This would shut down maid fake claims.

What do you suggest instead?

I think that Mind warp should also be like gossip, where you know what happened to them that night.

Nosy servants does need a change, but not this change. Otherwise You just lose every god damn game because you’re the 5th princess claim as Seeker trying to kill your mastermind

The Maid change was just something I added because Nosy Servants needs to be changed. I don’t exactly know how I would change it so I put this down. Now with the Apostle should be able to replace Noble opinion. As a Noble claim you’re going to be asked to Twin almost every time. It doesn’t matter if you can hear whispers or not. I would suggest that if you want to keep cult spy then you should give Apostle the Noble twin ability(Replacing telepathy). This was Apostle can actually claim Noble and twin changes from being a confirmation ability.
Although maybe you make it so that when you’re sacrificed the CL can pick what you show up as.

Also as seeker, you could just claim Observer. It’s one of the easier claims to fake actually because A-People don’t think you’re sus and B-you can actually give accurate logs for 2 nights. Princess is just the default claim which is kind of dumb. This actually makes Maid claims easier as seeker because you can just make up the MM(which you did anyway) and insert the Nosy servants with reveal and just rearranging your information.(So if you reveal someone N3 just say N4 you Nosy servants them and that they visited blah blah blah) Now I’m not saying it wouldn’t be difficult or without downsides but I’m reasonably sure Maid could be faked. Now for MM and Unseen faking Maid…I guess that could be a reason to change it to something else.

Noble shouldn’t have twin. Removing it would be the best solution thus avoiding day confirms entirely.

I’m not worried about seeker. I’m specifically worried about Unseen/CL/Neuts faking maid since she’s an important tool for false accusations.

Yeah I mean that’s an entirely fair point. Maid should be pretty easy to fake.
I just want there to be some reason to use nosy servants.

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And that’s ok. Nosy servants does need a buff/rework. Just because this SPECIFIC rework is a bad idea doesn’t mean the idea of a change is problematic.