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Avengers Endgame hype thread


ooh bringing F4 characters in, guess disney’s gonna buy another company

unless they already have WB which they prob do


iirc Fox still has the rights to Fantastic 4 and are sitting on them because it’s their only way to potentially enter the Superhero Film market.


That reboot F4 looked fucking pathetic


[Hiding Spoilers Test]




Ici, you lied, how dare you?


My motives are complex.


Anyway, as I was about to say

It better be revealed that Loki never died cause he did not deserve to die so early into Infinity War


Loki and faking his own death.
Name a more iconic duo.




This is only a thing if your name is Primal Maximillian aka Maximus Prime


Okay, so I just finished watching Ant-Man and the Wasp and I have this to say:

How can Ant-Man climb into Thanos’ ass if he’s stuck in quantum space?!




Oh don’t tell me guys you haven’t heard of the meme, haven’t you?


I know the meme


I don’t want to know the meme


Embrace the meme, Geyde. It’s a good plan, you have to admit


I’ve a very vivid imagination per se


I thought we were supposed to keep our kinks off forum