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Avengers Endgame hype thread


The title should explain itself. If you’ve seen the film, please use [details] to hide spoilers.

Thanos memes are legal here. Oh no.


I will summon mod to snap this thread


you do realise that so long as we make sure there’s always an odd number of posts in this thread we’re immune to Thanos, right :^)


i need a mod to open my game thread



This will be perfect bait to get one


They will edit out half of the post


Why do they even close it



Tom Holland un-dusts


I’m actually wondering whether they’re going to have the Snap reversed in this film or a later one.


What would this film’s plot be if it’s not reversing the snap :^)


Snapping again


Because in the original comics Thanos destroys all the remaining Avengers using just the power stone, and it takes all of the villains banding together to defeat him.


Yes you did put spoiler into spoilers tag nice job ici


this is s p e c u l a t i o n. It’s allowed.


so you think he gonna snap all the other avengers and they’re going to have a what, a marvel suicide squad sort of thing where they defeat thanos?

what villains are left now anyway besides ragnarok and maybe a couple of strong earth humabns and red skull?


Jeff Goldblum defeating thanos would be pretty funny though ngl


he’s not the hero we deserve, but he’s the only one we’ve got


Am I allowed to make a new game thread for D2 out of salt


iirc in the comics it’s the Silver Surfer, who hasn’t even shown up yet.


no u