Astromancer [BD Investigative] and Zodiac [Unseen Social]

The Astromancer

BD Investigative

Star Map: You will always get correct investigative results.

Comet’s Trail (2 use): You will be notified if you visit the same player as your Target tonight.
Inner Cosmos (1 use): Choose 2 players. They will receive correct feedback tonight.

Stargazing (inf use): You will receive all class types that visited your target tonight. Doesn’t show repeated class types. Cannot target King or self. Special classes show as Investigative.
Galaxy Cross (2 use): Choose 2 players. You will be notified if they visit the other players class type tonight.

The Zodiac

Unseen Social

Outer Void (1 use): Choose 2 players. Your targets will not receive any results tonight and will believe they were occupied.

Constellation (3 use): Frame a player. If they get executed the next day they will appear as their converted class or assassin if they are convert immune. If you succesfully disguise someone you will lose all charges of this ability.
Celestial Object (1 use): Make an Unseen member appear as a Class of your chosing to players investigating them tonight.

Created because of a meme, but I’m feeling quite confident in this suggestion.
Semi-confirmable Invest with some new and creative abilities.

Still bad at thinking up conversions so I’m gonna postpone that indefinitely :slight_smile:

Well would you look at that; I actually did a convert for once :smiley:


Seeing as correct feedback is an inherent feature of the class, I’d imagine a convert would be a heavy framer, maybe have it be a social convert too?

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Best name for an unseen convert for this class would be Astrologer, Stargazer, Genethliac, or Horoscopist.
Would convert to Seeker for cult of course.


looks nice.

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That sounds like an interesting idea. Could make him into something like a Unseen version of the Scorned.

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Updated the suggestion with a convert.

Make celestial object an infinite use tailor imo

single target tailor ofc

It isn’t a simple tailor like Brotherhood. It actually allows you to pick the class you want them to appear as. So you can actually make your MM come up as S/I Royal by posing them as Princess.

Yeah, I was thinking make it a tailor mechanic, but have it so you can input what you want them tailored as with the same thing that pops up when you use scorned defile/facelift where you just choose from the class list

That’s what I was thinking. You still think it should be infinite use? Sounds crazy strong if it were.

Mayybe reduce constellation to one shot or two shot in that case

It’s not crazy strong but if you make BD check your MM/Assassin you can get them ‘cleared’

For a forums version, infinite use might work… I guess?
But if we were to put it in ToL I think it would be straight up broken.

At most increased uses to 2, but not infinite.

make it 3 and we have a deal

2 use, last offer.

Also is the wording on “Outer Void” understandable? It’s a fake occupation.

@NuclearBurrito I require your services nuuke boruto

Yep, I understood it as such

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Yes? What do you need