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Assassin showed as support for me (EK)


What happened? Checked the assassin, he showed up as support instead of killer. He did show up as ally. There was no one alive to screw with result from checks

What was SUPPOSED to happen? Assassin should show up as killer

Steps to reproduce: 1) Be EK 2) check assassin


Output log:



They likely to be converted N5 and become straightly Assassin.
Check would came first then Convert, that why you got confusing result.
This is not a bug, just some logics in game.


Assassin was disguised by a Timesnatcher or Dutchess.
Disguised Assassin returns Support.


This would not be possible, since invests are before conversion. A n5 convert would show as not ally.


Kape is correct. Tailor effects aren’t supposed to alter typecheck results, but Assassin under a tailor effect returns as Physician for whatever weird reason, so you hit a tailored Assassin and viewed them as Support to a typecheck. You’re not immune to tailor effects as EK using Allies (in fact, no investigative ability is immune to tailor effects unless performed by an empowered Investigative class), although a tailor doesn’t stop EK Allies from finding the target as a member of the scum faction.

P.S. By the same token, typechecking a Timesnatcher while they use Dark Dimension will return Investigative, since the Timesnatcher erroneously displays as Princess while under the tailor effect.