Ask the newbie: sog man edition

so hey everybody else is doing this so i might as well, and since im new youll get to know more about the guy thats gonna be in all your games like a stalker : D
ask me stuff

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What made you pickup ToL?
Why did you decide to join Forum Games?

Ive played a lot of tos like a year ago, so i like these kind of games. I didnt even know tol existed until one finnish streamer started streaming it, which led me to pick it up the same day.
As for forum games i dunno, i was just interested :smiley:

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We have a finnish tol streamer?

yeah he streamed it for like a week or 2, havent seen him do it for a while tho. Names LaeppaStream
also know as LaeppaVika or Rauski

@Sephinel Ever heared of this one?