Ask Italy Anything

What? Doing this just because everyone else is? Nonsense!

Why aren’t you Italian?

What do you think about sheeping?

Because my mother wasn’t Italian, and my father wasn’t Italian.

Follow the leader, obey the hivemind. Follow the king, up the prince…

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How hard is it to be a country?

What’s the meaning of death?

Countries don’t do work, the people in the country do all the work.

To teach you that you will be punished for things other people did. Blame adam & eve.

I mean just existing

Must be boring having people run all on you all day right?

Am I still in your testament?
And will you ever forgive me that I killed that Inquisitor?

Rather easy, i’ve never lost a war in my life.

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All the souls I have ripped from the innocents.

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Why especially Italy? Why not Spain?

italy is solic’s alt confirmed

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If you had to marry a country, what would they be? Italy is of course out of the question.

Italy has never lost a war. World war two was won, world war one was won.

Do you fear an invasion?


Who is your mother and why aren’t they stopping the war between your other brothers/sisters