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”Argument thread”


Gee, I wonder why?




Goes onto Netflix
Watches Anime on Netflix


Netflix original anime

Yup, def original alright


to be fair that is an actual comment from MAL


tbf Devilman Crybaby really only exists because of their budget and it’s great


That is true.

Devilman Crybaby was amazing.

and it got dark fast

Like Berserk level fast.


Just finished the volumes my friend has for NGNL I’m a free elf
Time to download Made in Abyss
@H_Hjasik come Otaku with us


No abyss


Yes abyss


: (




Marl just said mods don’t have to follow rules.


If that was the case boopy would still be a mod


I’ve a direct line to Magna, I actually do DnD RP with them on Discord and Roll20


Is he nice or?


I don’t mind him. I know it’s well documented he’s had issues with particular devs/mods though.


I’m being very careful not to take sides because I like this community and I like Magna, but I know the two don’t get along :stuck_out_tongue:


We need this but we need to limit the feedback. Especially the feedback of what the mods are doing


take sides
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