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”Argument thread”


We do, but if we are arguing about it, we can talk about it here lul.


also what was your full playoff bracket


also did you see the debriefing of the 18’ season


None of them, except rams came true.


Yeah i did, laughed my ass off lul.



heres mine lmao


75% success so far if you replace Seattle with dallas



honestly, Had Chicago Chargers.


i had big dick nick pulling his magic but worn out after three tight games he was tired and lost to the pats in a 30-14 game


lmao american football

we all know real football is the superior sport


Then why is American Football more popular than “real” football? :thinking:


Because you live in America thus echo chamber effect


But Geyde, don’t you also live in America?


I’m friends with some people from foreign countries who go to my school.


In other words he is very slightly more cultured


smh where my credit :^)


Particularly in SA soccer is like the most hyped sport. Ice-based sports (eg hockey) for an obvious reason most people shouldn’t even exactly know how they are played, basketball and voleyball are kind of played (voleyball mostly as a beach/pool sport) but it is rare to see someone watching basketball on TV (slightly less rare on beach voleyball). But people go as really far on attributing stereotypes on which soccer team someone roots for.


Honestly, I feel like I can win an argument with a brick wall today.

Hey wall if you want to concede the argument I’m about to do, say nothing.

You stink


Also for some reason I don’t know, female beach voleyball leagues tend to seem more popular than male ones.


I win, that was a hard fought battle gg