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”Argument thread”


I’m not active on doing reports :’^}


tsk tsk


Alright folks, I had the guts to quick eat lunch by going to the convenience store and getting myself a Pepperoni Pizza Lunchable. It’s cold af outside and it’s snowing, so I’m just gonna have the pepperoni for dinner


Have balanced meals >:(


I’ve lived this way for months, it’s not a big deal


Wait where are u

I know KC is frozen to hell as Edmonton


I’m in Wisconsin, northern area to be exact.


Ahh, makes sense.

Its very cold in general

Stupid high air pressure system.


Ahh, your under the great lakes

Are you near Green Bay or Milwaukee?


Green Bay



My host hated NFL team

How is it?


(Fik you, I love the Packers)
I’m not actually in Green Bay, but still, there is a lot of light snowflakes falling down that it could even be a little irritating



(Detroit is my team. How did it feel the be blown out in Lambeau?)


don’t you like the texans


No, Lions are my main

Texans are up there.


you poor poor bastard


Same to you bud.


at least we have a franchise quarterback thats consistent


Stafford usually throws 5k every year.

We need O line pieces, which i hope we pick up for the draft.


wait don’t we have a dm for this lmao