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”Argument thread”


It’s not emotionally charged enough to do so




Let’s fix that


Cats VS Dogs

Go go go


thats it


Your opinion?


I’m obviously not biased here but I think cats are better


I love 'em both, but cats barely edge dogs out for me.


My opinion?


Like Nerbins, except dogs barely edge cats.


I think I can answer this question with my pfp


Raccoons would win


why thats so active


Honestly, it’s personal experience, which makes me good with dealing with other people’s problems


Also dogs are better than cats

Reason that Therapy dogs are more common than therapy cats.


What’s better rn DotA 2 or LoL


Only played league, so based on DOTA not even being able to attract me to play it, I’ll say league. :wink:


Also I’ve had a cat at my parents, but I definitely want to have a dog sometime in my life. Love em both, why make us choose? :confused:


(I know right I like both tbh)

Dog is more a personal preference.

And I want it to be a husky aswell, allergies be damned


I want a beagle, but I’m not too attached to the specific breed.