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”Argument thread”


Weizen was the most receptive, but he’s gone now. So who next? Hmmm…



i exist


But you’re no fun to troll.



no u


Arguments can definitely be constructive, but in most cases derail themselves due to the lack of rules about them.

I have a few videos that show relatively informal debate, and lack a cohesive structure beyond First person - Second Person | back and forth.


Do I need to do the scavenger hunt again to teach you a lesson?


What’s that?


well in critcal thinking
an argument is a conlusion drawn from a set of premises
if it lacks premises/a valid conclusion, it’s a rant




Here is one of those types that I mentioned, although the subject content does have much to be desired.


“Don’t mess with coi again”

The concept still applies, humans tend to over analyze things. If you didn’t delete the rules you would have looked over them: the funny part is you would probably see a pattern that doesn’t exist, and I would have said you were on the right track but you aren’t fully there. It’s meant to stall someone and annoy them


the heck you on about


Arguing is like FM in terms of how free form it is

Debate is back and forth


something nerbins knows about


Oh yeah, that thing. I still hate you for that.


Don’t annoy me again :lobster:


I think we failed Marl this is not ''God dang arguing"


controversial topic:
this will never develop into a full blown argument


Guns are effective against enemies that are weak to guns


This will never develop into a full blown argument