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”Argument thread”


If I remember correct he gave you a warning


You made a joke in ask a guide and you were referencing spam pinging a mod (me, jokingly)


Also litten active on the tol discord when


yes but what else

Did he actually do anything bad, or was he just trying to get me banned


Me and him argued pretty much daily when he was a mod

I’m not trying to say I’m the only reason you didn’t get banned but I might be :^)


He shit talked the devs iirc


thanks :heart:


And other stuff that I can’t really tell anyone


I might as well upload this



the words make more sense now that I know he thought I was a hacker lol


i thought magna/weiz were really nice guys until they werent


Plot twist


I never met magna, just heard about him


Pretty sure I saw a comment about magma on tos saying “the devs are corrupted or something”


same with cbman


One thing I am surprised about is no one asks who Alfa is


Wait what do you mean?


She’s completely inactive on the TOL discord


i rarely see alfa anymore ,thats true


why are they a mod then?