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”Argument thread”

I’m waiting for this thread to be locked due to politics


@discobot roll 1d20


:game_die: 12


I was moreso referring to like
Or magna
Both of whom are now banned


Weizen seemed nice though


Too bad I started an argument

Strawberry Ice Cream > Chocolate


Why TF don’t you just argue in the cookie thread




Ah Weizen I remember him.

He told me off first time I met him. Always regarded him as a dick after that


I don’t even know how we changed topic to this


I don’t like your attitude mister


cookie thread is dead



Tbh I always thought weizen was nice even when I was annoying him before

I don’t know what he did that was bad


Argue with me marl


I heard them but I have never met them so


He is though


He thought you were and the COI were hackers trying to sabotage the discord

He was actively trying to get you banned lmao


What the heck


What did I do

What did he do


So Weizen is just a conspiracy theorist