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”Argument thread”


Type ?guideapp in the server and you will see


App Summary: be active and helpful in the ask-a-guide or other game related sections of the discord


Also Argument thread should be renamed to shitpost thread+ how to become guide change my mind


basically be a good person




Cookie thread v3


Be an active and helpful person


Be a good person



Who wants to argue w/ me so the thread doesn’t get locked


Nah you can get nodded


Many non good people have been guides before :slight_smile:





That shade though. Also it’s because the people who pick the guides are imperfect and fallen for the disguise of a nice guy. I wonder if marl realizes what thread we are in


That’s slang for you can take your argument elsewhere :^)





This is the argument thread


I’m not referring to any current guides so it isn’t shade


I hope I am not included in that list


tries to start argument but rolls a 1