Are you the leader of a social deduction community, or know someone that is?

We are very open to cross-promotional activities! Anyone interested in this should send a message to i42-Elsa on Discord with more info.

If you are the leader of such a community (or friends with someone who is), be sure to reach out to them and let’s see if we can get them involved! You’ll definitely be the hero on both sides of the community for making it happen :slight_smile:

Send leads and insight to i42-Elsa in Discord ~ the genre is very niche and every game is unique to it’s own. The more we can collaborate with others, the bigger the genre itself becomes and the more people will play social deduction games!


Can I reach out to you as a leader of the FoL community? :3




You need the approval of 3 other leaders lel

Or me as a leader of the games discussion :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, it would be interesting if we had any close links to any related games. Might give both parties a boost