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Archer (BD Killer) / Sharpshooter (Unseen Support)


Archer [BD Killer]
Tracking Shot: Mark the player that killed you, anyone that will visit them the next night will be notified that they killed you (expires after 1 night).


Decoy Trap: Anyone attacking your target will instead attack your decoy, become Marked and will be occupied the next night. You will not be notified about this. (5 use)

Enchanted arrow: Attack everyone that hit your Decoy Trap. (2 use)

Mark feedback: This player attacked someone/ the Archer last night

Sharpshooter [Unseen Support]

Track Prey: Mark a player, you will know who they visited tonight. (inf use)

Swift Feet: Give the Unseen hidden occupation and redirection immunity tonight. (2 use)

Exsanguinate: If the Assassin successfuly kills your target tonight, he will regain 1 use of Lacerate (cannot go above the maximum)(2 use)

Forum of Lies Blue Dragon Killer Competition
Forum of Lies Blue Dragon Killer Competition
Forum of Lies Blue Dragon Killer Competition
Forum of Lies Blue Dragon Killer Competition



What’s assa bleed called again?


Way too strong and it’s unneeded


oh idk


Anyone that visits them the next night? Otherwise it expires?

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Okay that works


This is just an overall weaker knight in terms of its gameplan


I would say it’s a sidegrade.


Unfunny_Meme.exe is not responding.

insert Jontron I have several questions

Cool, please nerf this. OP as fuck

This is more of a protective ability. And maybe just occupy them for the night, instead of 2. Seems a worse Snare trap IMO

If this is a killer, then why 1 use?

Cool, but whyyyy

Cool, new addition seems nice

Ok, cool


Knight has a stronger effect (killing the target immediately) by guarding the correct player which is immediate and does not require as much thought.

The mark is alright, but it doesn’t shore up this class’s weakness.

Like it needs one more thing to be useful, because as it is, it struggles to do anything that knight doesn’t do better and doesn’t have a very useful niche.

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What if Decoy also applied Mark on the attacker?
“This player attacked someone the night before”
Or something…

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could work


Also if anyone got some suggestions for the Unseen variants name, please hit me up.
Sharpshooter might be ok, but there’s probably a better one we can think up.




I like sharpshooter tbh


Why does it need to passively screw over people that kill it?

Plus this really screws the Cult


Possible re-suggestion? :


Why is a BD a pumped up kicks guiltless vig

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Yeah, BD killers need to have some sort of penalization If it’s an instant kill