April Fool Turbo 2020 Suggestions

Let me know what people want included this year.


Do you even need to ask?

Ghost Town 3

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7 minute days 24 hour nights


Some jokes are too far even for April fools

Keep the game as balanced as humanly possibly while still being aggravating

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One dreaming god with like 50 options. He can only use 1 per night

Revert all patches to the beta version of the game

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Make everyone Arbiter from Virtuous

Prankster from ToS.

Make someone just outright spawn as a plutocratic king

no one knows their own alignment
perfectly balanced

pair the players off.
in each pair, one person is told the other’s alignment.

in addition, to break the symmetry, there is an n0 oneshot cop

or perhaps the cop is just told one mafia. :man_shrugging:

Add ToL Fool to the setup

by this i mean each person knows the other’s role and not their own

I want the black rose back

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Add the Syndicate

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Scum team has SFoL 53 Templar, SFoL 58 Arbiter, among other things.

And just make the scum team Syndicate so nobody knows this