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April Fool - Game over!


now go join watch your mouth, an actual game


@Mercenary you randomly lynched lyncher d1. nice


I tried linking and killing Geyde by the way n1. He then made the one night action rule. So you were definitely lucky Geyde. :wink:


We made agreement with geyde that I will help lynch him on even days in event chat And then Marl invited luxy there


I had plot armor


tis true

also mercenary tried to kill him during the day but test the waters only works at night


oh god


Would My convert work on someone else btw


All according to keikaku




you can’t convert someone to town :^)


convert BD to town


Geyde if you were kingmaker in last 2 Who would you have killed




But then I would lose since I had bomb


The lynch would be given to another player, presumably randomly


Oh I won




I need sleep.


I know that on some level, but this game was so misty that I couldn’t really trust too much that I actually had a partner. I received no wolf signals from anyone, so I just took the revenge route as a lone survivor would. Wasn’t sure that the gun would work anyways.