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April Fool - Game over!


You would have thought to get lynched day 1 then


My original idea was to name the game “Polar Foil”, and just propose it as 2v7 vanilla mountainous


under competetive


but include a jester



Thanks marl for changing the rules in my favor


I actully Liked idea of 2 lost wolves


I was “modconfirmed” and got to profit off of it


2v6 + 1 jester would be too scumsided :^)

so 2 lost wolves v 6 + 1 jester


I liked the shot-in-the-darknesse of this setup


Scum didn’t reallyyy know they were scum though. :thinking:

Firekitten definitely caused chaos however.


he knew absolutely nothing


i just randomly sent him a rolecard when he did /spectate


What was even his goal


also the command to reveal as innocent child was “/Praise Marl


He was town, he also won


haven’t you heard of it? It’s in every competitive setup!


ToS jester can’t kill who didn’t vote him though? I never played it, but I know of it.


Buffed ToS Jester


I call it the Buffster


Screw the rules. I have money.