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April Fool - Game over!


Basically everyone was an One-shot everything afaik and that’s why I tried to push people on ressurecting me and I didn’t contest Geyde’s killer-finder


Ici did you receive my howl?


I trusted Ici.


he did
instead of replying he chose to night-vote you


I said he is


which makes 0 sense in context


Btw Ici commented on your howl to me in the event chat



The fuck Ici, I even gave you a codeword.



What? That was not the whole message? :thinking:


@Solic keeping me alive would have helped you more than shooting me. Could’ve kept that gun until lategame


He claimed Green Kraken to me and “lol someone linked me as if I was a wolf and that’s Solic”


I’m sorry Solic but i didn’t trust you an inch
I also wanted to verify the test the waters thing


Did you think I am wolf on day 1 when you voted me?


I thought you were green kraken, since you mentioned it out of the blue.


Oh so someone noticed it3


Something about Ici’s point against Hja just rubbed me the wrong way d1.

Never acted on it, but eh


i was hoping geyde would start this game with “Is it just me or did marl make an all NK game”


:confused: I didn’t want to be too specific or I feel Marl would screw me over some way and make the howl public during the night or something.



I should’ve done that.