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April Fool - Game over!


Unseen Victim
You are just another victom. You have no idea what is going on, but you find a small purple rose pendant on your person. Some kind of crest?
You know nothing and must survive.


but it’s not the true ending


@Marluxion I tried. I tried to commit sudoku twice in a single game.


It’s my true ending.


Boopydoop was a lyncher who didn’t know their target
Ici + Solic were werewolves (actual scum faction)
Geyde was TOS Jester
Everyone else was town


Can we post cards here




Wait so I was not jester


I was their target -___-


Informed Victim

You’re just another victim, but you somehow know the following bit of information.
"Players are not restricted by their rolecard."
However, information comes at a price.
If you ever type the following words, you will immediately die.
"Mafia. Werewolf. Unseen. Action. Rolecard. DM. Direct. Message. PM. Private."
If you die, your flip will be cleaned.
You must survive.


you were


oh it was fixed



Every night, you may check a player to learn if they are a member of the mafia.
You must survive.


TOS jester can only kill one of the guilties on them though


also yes in case you didn’t notice Polar Foil was an anagram for April fool :^)


that’s the joke.png


I killed you because I knew a fellow wolf would never have access to your information or out it.


but it’s not fucking april




This game literally hurts my brainhole