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April Fool - Game over!


??? Where? I never pushed on Ici.


I’m pretty sure you voted them d2

doesn’t count but it works if you stretch it enough


Explain why would I vote you when hjasik voted you?


Basically I can come back to life as a death knight who sides whoever ressurected me
And anyone can ressurect me


I read him riht


I am killing Hja


Me and hja are only people left.


But he didn’t hesitate voting you.


So can we be kwind ówò


Yes but he is pissing me off in the rp




I need to sate my bloodlust


One more night Geyde-san :frowning:


I didnt out you : (


hjasik what is your class about?


You didn’t but you also blatantly powergamed a casual rp, trying to mind control everything with lorebreaks


The capital of chad




the capital of chad


Since it’s a 1x1 the first person to submit the action wins by majority I think :thinking:
If we have one more night