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April Fool - Game over!


Thank you, Otōsan, may I have anotheeeeer? (▰∀◕)ノ


Btw since I now can say the word classcard I shall abuse it
Private PM


Lol Maxi might have been the key to win this.


Btw guys the changes are only announced if they have the ability to cause death
It was predictable


The rules have been updated.


Relax, Solic-kun! I have a perfect plan! (▰∀◕)ノ


Nobody cared about winning anyway


Ok hjasik, you came green to my check, so I’m inclined to trust you with the win.


Icibalus has been modkilled! He was…

Lost Wolf

You are a member of the Werewolves. You do not know your teammates.
You must ensure your team survives at any cost.


I cant win I die at end of the day


Lmao, only 2 people left?


Solic you tunneled your teammate


/shoot hjasik


Vote me both of you


I’m a degenerate weeb I guess!
Bye-byeeee marl-sama! (▰∀◕)ノ
no regrets tbh>


/vote geyde


I actually don’t know if it would work.


Stop.I need one more night


@astand vote me pls


I tried to shoot Ici in card, but it didn’t work.