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April Fool - Game over!


Post restriction as an edgy teen is a tough line to balance. I would have let him grow into politically incorrect elderly, but that wouldn’t go over well in these forums either. So instead nostalgic elderly would work better.


Merc had a night ability, and their death made it so that night phases were skipped since there was no need



The rules have been updated.


Back in my day the kids weren’t so rowdy. They never spouted echelons about gruesome scat.

Eh, what happened with the new ones? The old man says with his hand in his hands.


So it looks like we’re all being tortured by the establishment for the sake of slight entertainment, and our deaths at the hands of the freezing arctic winds are inevitable

if I’m going to die though, I’m going to die after ingesting copious amounts of anime

Activate me, Marl-desu! OwO


RIP maximus


However if my theory is right
I am unstoppable!


Thank you Father, May I have another


Thank you, father , may I have another?


Thank you Father, May I have another?


Boom bye scum


Forgot questionmark -__-


Lol slanker vigilante rule.


Hjasik has recieved the following Prize.

:bomb: Armed Bomb - Tick Tock, Tick Tock!


Thank you Mother, may I have another?


Hello there, it is me! Ici-chan! (◕‿◕✿)


I will murder you




Why is the game ending :frowning:


@H_Hjasik bomb pls