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April Fool - Game over!



  1. Luxy
  2. MaximusPrime
  3. Icibalus
  4. Jasmine - Sheriff Lynched D1
  5. Geyde - Jester Lynched D2
  6. Solic
  7. Hjasik
  8. Mercenary
  9. Astand


  1. Once the game begins, the host will not answer any player questions until after the game has concluded.
  2. Days will last 48 hours.
  3. Voting is majority and plurality. There is a day 1 lynch.
  4. Angleshooting rolecards is a fruitless effort.
  5. If you try to join an event before it’s signups have opened, you will die.
  6. There is no escape. You may not replace out.
  7. Every player has a way to win and every player has a way to lose. Nothing is predetermined.
  8. If a rule changes or is added, I will only announce it if it has the direct ability to cause a death. Everything else will go unannounced.
  9. Speaking about the game outside of threads given by the moderator for this game will result in instant death.
  10. Upon reaching majority or once the day has ended via plurality, the person with the most votes decides who dies at the End of Day.
  11. Nights will last 12 hours.
  12. Each player may only submit 1 action.
  13. There is dead interaction. Dead players may still speak in thread but don’t count towards majority nor can they vote for the day’s lynch.
  14. The moderator may lie to you and there may be red herrings.
  15. The establishment is always seeking new victims.
  16. You may only act at night. The exception is prize items.
  17. There are scum. They know they are scum. Nothing is meaningless.
  18. Sometimes the sun just forgets to go down
  19. The first person to say “Thank you Father, May I have another?” in thread will recieve a prize.
  20. When all but one living player has said “Thank you Father, May I have another?”, the remaining one who hasn’t will die.
  21. Using Degenerate Emoji will result in an immediate modkill.
  22. The first player to say the capital of Chad will win.

Watch Your Mouth! Planters Win!





Is this turbo

It’s 2:40 am and im reading worm







i’m all for Marluxion’s wild ride


also @Marluxion can you take Death Note Mafia off the competetive queue or have the limiters that seal your power become too powerful for you to do that


Is this a turbo y/n






i think this is probably bastard by the way
don’t exacttly know why i’m getting that vibe, i just am :^)




it’s well known marl’s power was sealed by the Endless due to his unrestrained scumreading power actually causing wolves to immediately explode IRL when he looks at their posts, by the way.


even works against fellow wolves



Do I smell title? :eyes:






You can’t join dumbo


Hjasik needs to prove himself worthy of an unban when playing infection 2