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April Fool (Canned, come back next year) Turbo


in fact, what if he vacuumed it at such velocity that it decomposed? the sodium would explode from contact with the water in his saliva, and chlorine gas is highly toxic


its being canned. its an april fools joke game. maybe ill repost it and call it Fool. its a cool concept.


aw, thanks geyde.


oh also i could also technically bring out a causality-level god (that doesnt do much b/c reasons) that i kinda have at my disposal, especially on this day, especially in this thread


but thats boring. so no


lol. loki?


Liquid Memes melt Jet Steel


no. MtF (not that MTF)
Marcus the Fool, back from an old RP, that i didnt have much interest in. he basically just popped in and messed with people as a reality bender (and just so happened to never mess up their character stuff in any meaningful way of course)

but again thats boring and i cant be bothered to bring out his character style right now so im not


mobile task force?









actually, I am willing to still do this.




Can you say hi to Kazuma Kiryu for us?