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April Fool (Canned, come back next year) Turbo


Impossible. You can’t take more than one action per phase


a police officer disrespecting the law?


you go first. Play meme


It’s in the law


thats good


((using the same meme three times is sure to win me the fight))


It ruins your standing with the common people




Did you just break the law

@Lightsin wee woo wee woo




did i?
/draw lightsaber


Holy jesus. what is that? what the fuck is that? WHAT IS THAT, PRIVATE MAGNUS??

/pulls out poleaxe

Nothin’ personel, kid.


/teleport away
catch me bois


I didn’t get my turn yet

dude tf


I’ve fought cheeky shaolins before ; )

/charges the boi, using spike of the poleaxe to unleash the might of thomas the dank engine


/sidestep and parry the attack


sad part is if this happened in game then my char would be dead, no matter amount of hp he had lol

/unleash the feats


/parry and counter before they have time to unleash them. attack lightsin


parrying a throwable bomb? lul, thats a new

/unleash turtle mode which is shit on by the community 24/7


i have literally attacked once.