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April Fool (Canned, come back next year) Turbo


you may be wondering why this has only 4 spaces. thats because its a one night turbo! One player is the FOOL, who everyone has to prank. This happens in a couple minutes, so be quick!

  1. Boss110

Here’s the mechanics: the Fool has to survive to Day 3, and the other three people want to kill him at any means neccessary. With 4 players, this will be tremendously difficult. Only PROS or those who want a laugh should play. So you’d think everyone is allies, but that isnt the case at all! To win, the others have to kill the fool themselves.




as you can imagine, it isnt a tryhard game.




Well uhm

You messed up by pinging me

Cuz im flying to Okinawa in like 2 mins


so no play?








Maybe start in an hour or so? If full?


That’s fine by me


Okay. I’ll check discord around then.


i defo need to /out in that case




if this fills, we can start.


@Margaret reveal yourself.


You guys awake? This list will only get longer.




Ah. I want this game to fill on April first.


Im in school