Appeal Request: Wrongfully Banned

I was reported for “Gamethrowing/cheating with LadyLokari (admitting it) +VCs sharing private info. Naming yourself identifiably to RL friend (cheating). Final chance.”.

First off, I have never played with any real life friends. Secondly, the conversation that took place wasn’t even me. I was neither of the characters in the game and I never said any of that.

When banning, do you actually check to see if the offender was listed as one of those characters? I’m pretty sure I’ve never even had those names as my character in game.

Any help would be appreciated.

What’s your in-game account name?

Nüll (notice the ü instead of a typical u).

Looking into the matter, will get back to you ASAP.

Jesus christ. Mods respond in 3 mins. That’s some good mods right there.


So, we can’t actually find an account with that name.
Have you previously changed your account name to this? And if so do you remember what it was before?
Also, could you please post a screenshot of your main ToL screen (before you hit “1-click log in” where it shows your account name)?

I haven’t recently changed it to this, been the same for the whole time I’ve played. Here is the screenshot before hitting 1-click login.

Alright, we found it. Not sure what exactly happened there that caused you to get suspended instead of the actual offender. Maybe a Court Wizard swapped you two and we didn’t notice.
In any case, we apologize, the suspension should be gone. Let me know if there are still issues logging in.


Sweet thanks!

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Closing the thread, if there are problems feel free to send me a message here or on Discord.