Appeal Request: Recent 1 Month Ban

What happened: It seems I was hacked and my account was used by some kind of bot and spammed in-game porn links.

Today I logged in and realize that I was banned for a month. I hadn’t seen any kind of weird behavior in my account until now. To avoid this issue from ever happening I decided to change some of my security measures including the steam phone authentication.

So, now I ask, is there a way I can appeal this 1 month ban?

My steam account name is: exomega222

Thank you for you time,

Is this also your ToL account name? Because currently i’m not seeing anything in our records with this name.

No, it is ExOmega120. In the login screen of ToL it appears as ExOmega in the login button.

Okay, let me look into things and get back to you asap.

Yeah, there was an issue with the ban system. You’ve been unbanned.


Thank you very much, this was really fast.

Truly sorry to keep bothering, but I just tried to login and I got the ban announcement again. Should I wait some time before trying to login again?

Yeah, let me see if I can fix it

Can you try again?

Yeah, just tried. Still banned.

Okay, well Xblade is the one who set it up, so he’ll have to be the one to fix it. Sadly he won’t be awake for several more hours.

Well, no problem. I will wait eagerly. I’ll just assume I was a night 1 dead prince.

Thank you very much again.

Should be unbanned now without autoban~ try again! Sorry about that mate. We had some false positives.

I just tried and still getting the ban announcement. :frowning:

message i42-Xblade on Discord, or I’m going to try to find you if name’s same


EDIT: Found you – unbanned. You should still join the Discord, anyway for near-instant replies. You’ll find a surprise when you login (and not a banned for pr0n spam surprise lol)

Omg, thank you very much. I was able to login. You guys are the best.

I won’t mention anything about any brides of any kind. :slight_smile:

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