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Apologies (Why does the title have to be 15 characters?)


Beating Act IV Asc 20 with Silent is gonna be some hard shit


Just need the Shuriken Kunai shiv deck how hard could it be :^)


have mercy on anyone actually trying to run poison or discard


The Silent is at least fun character to play due to lack of builts you can make with her. Chamge my mind.


hush be silent now :^)


I’ve been trying to win with the silent for 2 hours
I keep having god tier decks that are just barely killed by the fucker on the third floor with malleable


On asc 20? How is your morale not completely destroyed


I’m no longer playing slay the spire today so it is


and no i’m on 19


I’m only on 3. I’m a daily challenge pleb anyway


If only that was from a female


Celeste is getting savage


Can you stop reading my mind thanks :thinking:


Well you could be gay marcus :man_shrugging:




What if I am :thonk: