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Apologies (Why does the title have to be 15 characters?)


Who are you again?

basically that’s rude


Choose your next words Wisely my son


Who is the best Slay the Spire character


Neow ofc


Who is Slay the Spire


Idk, but I hope The Spire enjoyed been slain ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


don’t dodge my question son :^)


playable character*


I know you’re either a big defect or silent fan but Imma stick it out w/ my boi Ironclad. Also Geyde is your grandson from SFOL40 for sniping the prince immediately after openwolving


You’ve answered correctly
It’s Ironclad > Defect > Silent


Marcus will you play in infection 2?


I did a few runs with replay the spire and some of the fanmade card art is amazing, Hemogenesis is one that comes to mind


Probably not if it isn’t starting soon


Wdym by starting soon


Oy is SFOLGM canned or backqueued?


I haven’t modded it yet
trying to climb to ascension 20 with everyone before i do


If you are avalaible to host it now you can just start it


Er, I mean I’m taking a break from playing FM til at least december


if not i’ll either put it on the back of the queue or can it, whichever you want


Ooooh time to make a thread