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Apologies (Why does the title have to be 15 characters?)


o/ Hey y’all!

I apologise to everyone here in the forum community for taking a break without any due notice. I basically burned out on every multiplayer game I was playing, whether it was Forum games, TOL or Tower Keepers simultaneously as my second year of university came to a close.

My absence has nothing to do with anyone on the forum and it was more about coming to terms with some IRL issues that I’ve needed to deal with around this time with university finishing for the year, I still haven’t resolved them fully, so until later notice I’d like to request that I am temp blacklisted from any new forum games, I’m still super keen to host Grand Idea at some stage if that hasn’t been canned.

Again, I apologise to everyone in the community who has had to deal with my sudden disappearance, I plan not to play as much as I have been moving forward so I can focus more on IRL stuff.

You guys are really awesome!

[CFM] Triangle Marathon - Mafia Wins!

We won SFoL 40 (sorta)!

Technically no but yeah

We lost CITJR 3 somehow.



Marcus is back! Hooray!


Marcus is BACK


Have you gotten a discord yet?




So not that much has changed then :^)



You missed everything


Ton of people died


Im sorri


Ice cream day is starting on fridays now


What about breakfast club on wednesdays?


And they now have tacos at…wait a minute


marcus ily


Its wednesday for y’all right?




Oh thats right its friday


I made pug gay while you were away


You evil man


Who deded?