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Any intrest for an RP during July-August?


Out of nowhere an familiar face appears!

Hey guys, havent been here in a while, so I was woundering if we could drum up some intrest to do an RP during the summer? So we might keep it goiing awhile and not have it die RIP Godcard 1.

well, just post here if you are intrested and committed for something during the summer! Maybe I’ll write som ething myself or spare yourself from my horrible writing and do it yourself lol

Also yes I missed you all!

List of interested people:

  • Me!
  • Magnus
  • Kai_5
  • fireslol
  • Gamerpoke
  • Shurian


  • H_Hjasik

lets go?

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I take this as an offence. Also I’m interested.


Hey I loved that RP! Tho I need to work more on thinking of good powers next time :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m literally hosting a redux GodCard.


Where? am I blind? o_O


It’s true.


im interested


Found it lol. I should make a memo stating: USE SEARCH FUNCTION FFS.


Never seen you before lol. But i only joined 4 months ago or so.


Pick me X2


O I’d go for another RP during that time.




I’ll go for anything as long as I’m not hosting

I’ll die if I’m hosting and hosts are in short supply
And been a while. Good to see ya

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A willing GM? Whooo


Id have to think of several plotlines and maneuver characters in them and be really active and reply the most…

Maaaybe. But I would def need a co-GM lol




I probably won’t join though
:V kind of don’t use these forums as often as i used to


What even is this


Just checking for RP interest for the summer.


What is RP