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Another question on throwing


Sorry for the questions on throwing, but some of these are things that can be confusing

I was King.
There was (in the end)

1 CW (confirmed)
1 MM (confirmed) - he admitted it at the end of the day and let MM convert him.

I told CW to swap himself with me (He had swaps, he confirmed it in chat) to avoid conversion.
He didnt. He told me after the game (and Im quoting) “GET REKT KING, I won! I can do whatever I want if I win!”

He deliberately took a conversion to win the game instead of swapping so BD would win. His win conditions at the time of being CW were to make BD win the game. But he chose not to win as BD, instead to convert and become Unseen.

I reported him, he claims Im just salty. I dont really care about the win, but that kinda “teamwork” is bs to me. What do you all think?

I also want to know if deliberate throwing like this results in an immediate ban if its one time, or not if its their first offense. I really hate this kinda shit lol.


Huh? Since when Court Wizard can use Tornado on King? :eyes:


If they cant, my bad. I assumed they could. But the guy didnt even try is part of the point. And his chat logs confirm it. So maybe its not a throw just cuz its not possible?


He could just swap himself with the MM…?


He empowered the MM is what he did.


That’s more likely.


The player you reported broke 2 rules which is letting himself converted in other words he was gamethrowing on purpose and was very rude to other player.

Report well deserved.


ty for the info mate.


Join the discord and look at #justice. They typically do very well in moderation. Making threads like this is unnecessary though. It seems you’re not really sincerely questioning the ethics behind it, but are more so trying to cause the “thrower” grief. The best course of action is to just report them and move on. I have seen my own reports back in #justice, so the system works.

Asking for conversion or deliberately getting converted is against the rules if you want a clear answer though.


No, not trying to cause the thrower “grief” - I didn’t post names, nor screen names. If I wanted grief, that’d be the first thing I did :wink:

Im legitimately asking so I have a better understanding of how gamethrowing is looked at since its such a foggy term. And I dont want to keep yelling “throwing” everytime something I dont like happens in the game lol.

And I agree asking for conversion or getting deliberately converted is against the rules. Problem is - he didnt ask, and it can be argued he didnt deliberately do it. Which is why I asked. Anyway, the #justice info is useful to me, thanks for that Solic!


Yes this reportable (given that you can prove it was on purpose. It sounds like you can)

You must attempt to achieve your wincon and cannot play against it just cuz it’s going to be changed.

Neutrals stepping up is fine because Survive is compatible with all wincons (even Fool because you need to survive up till the point you get lynched)