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Anime Discussion Thread


TTGL got me fully into after episode 8 as well
Kamina is just the man.
I then proceeded to love the shows unique style and their way to create hype just works
I cannot explain how this show is great it just is

Just a shame it jumps from episode 3 to 5 right


Wait shit you right I dropped it on the fourth episode the first time

Looking back it wasn’t that awful but it’s definitely the low point by a not-insignificant margin


What fourth episode
There is no fourth episode what are you even talking about


That Phoenix Wright Anime with a couple of new stories/cases so its not a complete regurgitation of the games


Also by A1

Also watch SSSS.Gridman :+1:


Never seen the Higurashi dub. Let’s keep it that way


Ther wasn’t a dub of the second season for good reason.


Honestly I didn’t even know there was a dub of the first season until I heard someone mentioning how bad it was


We’ll try this again

SSSS.Gridman is the smartest show that came out last year and you should watch it.


Just what is SSSS.Grindman oh person of color


It’s by Trigger and is a “modern reimagining” of the old show Gridman (known to US audiences as “Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad”)

Gridman is one of a genre called “tokusatsu” which was basically people dressed in costumes fighting on minature sets to simulate giant mosters and robots fighting in live action (if you ever saw Power Rangers, you are familiar with this technique).

If you are a fan of this kind of giant monster show, this will be amazing for you. Not only do they reference all sorts of monsters and more from the original Gridman, the US Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, and the Ultra series (notably, Ultraman is getting a netflix adaptation soon), but the 3D animation they use for the fight scenes actually works incredibly well to capture the feeling that Gridman and his giant monster enemies are suits with actors, just like the old live-action shows used to do.

If, like me, you have only a passing familiarity with these old shows, I still recommend SSSS.Gridman. The character design, acting, music, writing, and directing are all top-notch. I say it’s the “smartest show of last year” for good reason. The plot it tells is surprisingly deep and complex, while ultimately working to drive home a simple message: “You are not alone.”

All in all it’s probably the best work Trigger has done in a long time, and is worth watching for that alone.

I’m happy to explain more but refuse to spoil the show. And not because there’s some crazy plot twist - there isn’t - but instead because it’s so well-constructed that to do so would rob you of the opportunity to think about the show and come to understand its message on your own.


Also best waifu




Normally I would disagree because the whole concept of “waifus” is stupid

But even I will admit that I really do love Rikka’s character

So I guess this is one instance where I won’t

Also wait Reaper have you seen it


I’ll watch it this weekend.

When I’m not studying


Also, have any of y’all seen the UBW abridged, cause I did, and I died laughing my ass off


Who did it and I think I might have seen a little bit


Okay maybe I didn’t see more than like one clip but this is literally SAO abridged