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Anime Discussion Thread


Again, only the ones I enjoy or with the VA’s of Bryce Papenbrook or Josh Greele are worth watching dubbed in my opinion. Though, I haver to admit, when they used the VA of Josh for Mirai Nikki, it did not sound right at all, as he is more a loud character. Same as Armin. Those two are meant to be weak and quiet, but the casting of him sorta ruined it ever so slightly. Stories are still great nevertheless I think though.


What about Baccano’s dub tho


Literally the only way to watch it


Haven’t seen it yet. Thinking about it maybe after Kakegurui though


Also very very worth it


Detective Conan is the best, fite me :wink:


I plan in creating a MyAnimeList sometime
Its funny how NGE its my absolute favorite anime but it is a 9 to me, while Made in Abyss is a heavy 10


The thing is that opens up the possibility of anime-only people being spoiled on parts that haven’t been adapted yet


Part of me wants to watch Haruhi but I’ve been told about the so called “endless eight” and that sounds like hell.


Anyway there’s like 6-7 episodes of JoJo I haven’t watched so I’d better do that.

I don’t remember the order of all the arcs so it’ll be a neat refresher


Yeah this is pretty much everything I’d say if I were to make a video on The Ptomised Neverland


Anyone here likes Gurren Lagann?




Fight the power



I do rowing

Or, well, did rowing


No seriously TTGL was such a ride
I started pretty hesitant with the fast pacing and convenient stuff going on
But when you literally turn protagonism into an energy that moves the human race fuck you I love it


And I feel very offended that you left that part out


I did as well, now I regret my sin there for not writing


So funny story

I originally started watching TTGL back in like 2015 when it aired on Toonami

But I dropped it about three episodes in because I didn’t like it

While some of those reasons remain to this day, I picked it up around two months ago again and this time went with the subbed version, which I found much more palateable. And I was fully in by the end of episode 8.

All I need to do now is watch the second movie.


Oh man the second movie
The final battle is just so much fucking epic
I could. not. breathe.