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Anime Discussion Thread


Does this mean you are going to/already have watch(ed) Madoka Magica?


me or orange?


Orange. You already said no


Nuke I posted this link twice already

And lookie there

Not to mention that Episode 10 may be the single best episode of anything I have ever seen


It really is. I’ve rewatched that episode more times than I can count


You should also watch Hunter X Hunter


new otp




hunter x hunter


no. What does otp stand for


one true pairing
great ship




Can I actually say a decent one that me and @PokemonKidRyan are enjoying right now?

Kakegurui :ok_hand:

If you’re a fan of DR, just think of this as Hopes Peak without the despair and that the main protagonist is the equivalent of Celeste.

Also yes, I’m still here watching over games and things. Still haven’t been great at all with the depression and University, but I feel like there will be some point when I will be back soon once I’m feeling much better.


Seven Deadly Sins = Fave anime
Kakegurui is great as heck. However, to be technical, we are enjoying Kakegurui xx right now. NOT Kakegurui since that’s first season


wasn’t that the “gambling” one that isn’t really about gambling


More or less yeah.

I’m trying to think of the VA for one of the new characters in the new series, and I cannot find them on Behind the Voice Actors or on the list on MAL. However, I think it’s the VA for Hanji. She’s probably the best Japanese VA I love (and then Bryce Papenbrooke for the Dubs, but I’m still more a sub person unless they have them and perhaps Josh Greele).


You like AoT


Was one of the first I ever seen. I think top 3 Fave anime is Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), Jojo and Nanatsu no Tazai (Seven Deadly Sins)


Do Higurashi next tbh

That one’s the best of all imo


Oh but uh

The dub is the spawn of Satan

Stay away