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Anime Discussion Thread


all Jojo is great


I can’t wait for 2022 when they adapt Steel Ball Run and i still won’t have finished reading it lmao


more like 2030 :^)

nah we’ll get it sooner


Is Jojo actually like great or is it just perfect meme material? I’ve only seen like the first 10 minutes of some episode and it didn’t strike me as a masterpiece from that.


It’s genuinely really fuckin’ good




What was it


Likely the first one.


Part 1 takes a while to get going, while you can skip parts I still recommend you watch it as it serves as a good prologue to the rest of Jojo


I heavily dislike /Apocrypha
While Ufotable works looks legit a piece of art that they care about doing, A2 (or is it 2A IDK) works are just like the equivalent of blockbusters. The story lacks any commotion, or sense. It is just a fight jerkery thing, also the protagonist sucks.


It’s A1


The same people that worked on P5A?


A1 worked on fucking everything

Technically P5A was CloverWorks but that’s just A1 in disguise


Even worse


Anyway idk how they fucked up anymation like they did in Apo when back then they did SAO
Which is not an example of story but oh man of animation at least


A1’s work on P5A is terrible -_-


Like all their works



I’m not positive this is a complete list but it is a long one

It’s not all garbage apparently but there’s a lot of just trash and I don’t think anything I’ve seen by A1 is above a 6/10

The only thing of note CloverWorks has done apart from A1 thus far is Bunny Girl Senpai and that doesn’t seem like much of an improvement

You can argue it’s hard to blame the studio because general financial hardships mean that they’re like 80% freelance workers on every project (giving people jobs is expensive) so there’s a lot of room for things to go wrong, but eh


I actually liked the first episodes of Blue Exorcist (But I gave up on watching it) :eyes:


BLACK BUTLER TOO?! Jesus Christ!