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Anime Discussion Thread


nah, i havent.


Hold the fucking phone orange

Did you put Kimi no Na wa rated 6/10



Because here’s me talking a bit about it


Should it be lower? Sorry


Fullmetal Alchemist is genuinely my favourite series since ages. Only thing I have ever really rewatched (5 times thus far). I think I prefer the original because I like the more tragic approach.


I don’t prefer the original but it’s also a solid 10


I fucking loved that movie tbh.

I mean, everyone has their opinion, i just think its amazing.


FMA is a great series, and the one to introduce me to anime.

Its a 10 no matter what.


It had plot holes out the ass, answered next to none of its questions, and was just boring


Like some plot holes is fine but not when they literally destroy your entire plot because it’s all holes


I mean, fair tbh.

But, im going to use one of the most overused arguments for any show or anime in general

Great character devleopment and cast.


I disagree, characters were bland and same-y imo


The grandma was like the only one who was at all memorable


Im just going to push you to watch Apocrypha, cause that shit was honestly exciting to watch for me.


Not a huge fight-scene junkie and next on my list is Cowboy Bebop


crunchyroll premium gives you access to pure uninterrupted nichijou and thats all you need


Also 10/10 anime

Watch it whenever you have the time too.

Its fantastic, and Spike is one of my favorite anime protags ever




Jojo Part 5 is great


I’m merely bantering back in kind man I promise I don’t mean harm :cry: