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Anime Discussion Thread


wow its almost as if you did a ZA WARUDO


Im muting the thread now dw

The gif didn’t even work gah


okay back on topic

Should I watch Black Clover? The first episodes for me were pretty eh, so I kinda stopped watching it
but now people say its actually getting good (the manga, anyways)

So I’m thinking of starting again (despite me being lazy and only watching anime)


Pick something I gave like an 8 or above and watch that instead tbh

Because obviously what I like is superior to that which I do not like


i see your anime reviewing skills are top notch


I Mean he has Baccano and Code Geass at top 10

Its pretty fucking good tbh.


Plus Fate Series being ranked high, with Zero being 10 (As it should be.)


Yeah those are to explain why S2 scored higher lol


Deadman Wonderland ranked 2/10

Tagged Stupid XD.


Bad half vs meh half and three really bad BUT also a good half


That’s in dropped iirc


Yeah, i was wondering if you watched Aprochypha yet.


Damn I ain’t tagged anything in ages lmao

Those are all years old

Like 4-5


Wasn’t really planning on it

Tried Extra but what the fuck


It went too Shaft


well i might watch mob psycho 100
thats also something ive heard of but amazingly never got round to watching


Honestly, its better than extra

I too dropped extra, cause it was just meh.

Didnt do justice to the game.


It’s great and I love it

The animation is impressive af and the writing is great too


Oh yeah btw

Anybody else here watch the pilot for The Promised Neverland


Apocrypha is an 8 for me if your wondering.

Its story can be at times dull, and there is some plot decisions that i kinda dislike, The fights in this series are fantastic, and are the best in the series imo.