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Anime Discussion Thread



If you haven’t played Persona 3 FES, Persona 4 (Golden?), and Persona 5, you’re missing out

My personal recommendation would be, if you have a PS2, to buy and play Persona 3 FES, as it’s my favorite - but Persona 5 is amazing and the most accessible, so maybe play that first?

Or maybe wait until Persona 5: The Royal is released later this year? We don’t know when that is, or how good it’ll be, or if it’s DLC or a new game, so I’m hesitant to recommend waiting, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if, much like Persona 4 Golden, Persona 5 Royal becomes known as “the definitive edition” of the game.


I have finished 9 episodes for Erased anime. Next coming to watch is Bleach which is found on
By the way, what site do you guys use for checking out anime?


I just randomly get recommended animes vrv


anime community has became big because it’s the main source of inspiration for the cosplay community , drag community and game community myanimelist


I use crunchyroll. Even without premium you have access to most stuff on the site except for the latest episodes.


Vrv is crunchyroll but better


The first pirated result in google