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Anime Discussion Thread


When I first saw Ozen
I could only think of
“oh hey maxi”
and 5 minutes later
“holy shit it is all a pun with ox”


Ooh what episode you on


Just finished 8
I know that a lot of shit will happen from now because they spent 8 episodes on 2 layers


Remember to set aside two hours to binge 10-13 and you’re set


oh I guessed that real shit would startly exact on 10
2 eps for encountering the bunny girl and stuff seems reasonable


Snow days were a mistake


Just finished ep 09
Amazed that the bunny girl didn’t come yet


Best keep waiting kiddo


This is probably the further I’m going today


Wait Scooby is so fucked up

ITs not even funny.


The meme?


Merc merc
Tomorrow you will go through the best parts of the anime
Embrace yourself


idk man episode 1 was pretty freaking amazing


Of Scooby??


Quality content


Not mine but that is how another U of M student used their time


I can only read MU backwards


this image is so fucking cursed
what is wrong with the internet these past few months




So I’ve been into Anime for like, my whole life,
and lately, I’ve also started playing Anime-based games!

NiEr: Automata was uber awesome, Nii No Kuni as well. DBZ Xenoverse I enjoyed for the most part, and now there’s this new One Piece: World Seeker release which I don’t know much about…

…maybe any opinions? I don’t really like to read gaming pro reviews as they spoil a bit too much for the spoil-hating player one like myself. :smiley:

Thanks in advance!