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Anime Discussion Thread


> liking kakegurui


You can watch 1, 2, 6, 7 and 8 and be done with it so it’s not as bad
Or you can do 1, 2 and 8 only if you don’t want to watch that much
You could probably even manage with just 1 and 8


Me neither it deserves all 10


Netflix let you download


my brain will make me watch all of them tho


but it’s definitely worth watching anyway
I recommend chronological order if you do watch it ( It’s the D order)
idk what KyoAni was thinking when they released the anime in a weird disjointed order instead of how it’s presented in the light novels
like why :thinking:


At least the filler is decentish


there are

720 episodes of Naruto + Naruto Shippuden
444 episodes of Dragonball + DBZ (not counting GT, Super, etc)
831 episodes of One Piece

that is too much anime


Too much mistakes


13 episodes of made in abyss
do your choice


I’ll pass


“I have to find my [friend or family member]” is overused and dull.


You will lose one of the best cinematic and well written works ever made


I don’t watch things just because people say they’re good


Story really isnt the big thing for this anime imo.

The Environment and Characters make it worth a watch, along with the animation.


I will develop further when I am not into a 10 minute pause so brb


Story may not be a big thing but if I see your story hook and go “hmmm nah” i’m still not going to watch it


I’m sure it’s great but it’s not for me


fair enough.


It’s actually really good thoooo


welp :^)